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About Us

Hello everyone!

We are a small business located in San Francisco Bay Area. We are just starting this new path in our lives. We are doing with so much hard work and we would love to have you guys as our customers. We will be very appreciate it.

We are here to help you guys with anything!

I'm very happy to have you here at Blaví.
My name is Braz Simplicio, I am a Journalist and also graduated in image and fashion consulting. You will always find me here or on Blaví's Instagram (rumors that it will be almost 24 hours a day haha).
I have always been fascinated by fashion as a way of expressing myself. For me, fashion and communication go together one of the reasons why I chose journalism and image consulting as training. I will be here, next to Blaví, as your friend to help you use fashion as a way to get to know and express yourself. I hope with all my heart that with Blaví we can help you with this and bring out the best in you. Because fashion is freedom and you are free to be who you want to be! I really believe in it.

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My name is Salmon Mendes and I'm very happy to share this new journey of my life with you. Blaví can provide you more than just fashion, but also more connection with who you are. I hope that, like me, you will feel all the love that we are putting in every detail of Blaví. I will always be here to take all of your questions and make your experience the best as possible.

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